Testimonials & FAQ

I can’t remember what my lashes looked like without d’lashes!

There’s nothing false about them!


Not only do they look fabulous and natural, but they’re a time-saver!

No more mascara and needing to curl my eyelashes!


She is professional, skilled, and on the cutting edge of eyelash fashion

You will be amazed at the results!




Does It Hurt?
No, there is no pain. Eyes are kept open as you recline and relax at our clinic

Are they safe? Even for contact wearers?
Yes, they are safe, hypoallergenic and waterproof. Safe for contact lens wearers.

What are lashes made of?
Sanitized synthetic hair.

What colors are available?
Black or brown. Clients with blonde hair can do either color depending on look preference.

How are they removed?
Your eyelash professional will remove these using a lash-free adhesive remover solvent to remove these from your existing lashes. No damage to your own lashes.

Will I feel them on?
No, they will feel just like your own eyelashes.

Can you apply to bottom lashes?
Yes, some clients desire this for a more glamorous look or for photo shoots.

Do I still need mascara?
You don’t need to! We recommend that you don’t as mascara can cause clumping.

Can I still wear eye liner or shadow?
Yes, however please do exercise care when removing. Utilize a Q-Tips or make-up remover cloths. Please do not use any oil-based eye make-up remover.

What if a lash becomes dislodged?
Do not pull on the lash. You can remove the individual lash by dipping a Q-tip into baby oil and let it soak into the lash. It should remove this lash easily. If more than one lash becomes disLodged, please contact us.