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Vitamins For Healthy Lashes

Every woman out there wants to know how to make their lashes longer, healthier, or just fuller without having to wear falsies or to enhance their eyes when they do wear lashes for those extra special occasions. I’m going to give you the secret to good lashes the natural way.  

Vitamins B-3, also known as Niacin, is a basic need

Eating salmon or tilapia with asparagus and mushrooms isn’t just healthy for that body image you’re maintaining, but all those foods, yes all of them, are great vitamin b-3 sources. Who knew healthier lashes were as simple as treating yourself to dinner? Ladies this will help you with those brittle lashes or if you have lashes that tend to fall out it promotes essential growth.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant for infection control 

This will boost your immune system and protect your hair follicles from inflammation, toxins, and infections that are inhibiting your hair growth.  It hydrates your lashes as well consider it a lash moisturizer. Think acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruit, pineapples and cranberries, when considering supplement alternatives. 

Vitamin H, also known as Biotin, will give you the thickness you desire

Now, I won’t get carried away and make you think they’ll end up as thick and beautiful as a pair of D’Luscious lashes, but it will work small wonders. This little miracle vitamin does it all. It promotes growth, prevents brittleness and lash fall outs, and it not only improves the condition of your lashes but your eyes too! It’s as simple to consume as eating a breakfast of eggs, banana, and toast or bagel with nut butter. 

If you are not seeing the results in the time frame you were hoping, you have a big event coming up, or you just want to feel beautiful, D’Lashes has a full selection of eyelashes and kits or you could book an appointment for your lashes extensions today! 



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 DLashes Thank You Card Lash Extensions Lashes Los Angeles



“The Art Of Thank you” Card + Gratitude 

Did your mother-in-law just buy you that new pair of pumps you have had your heart set on?  Did your best friends just book a flight and a hotel to be a part of your wedding? Has someone ordered you a subscription to D’Lashes Lash Stash Box? Surely you know that a text isn’t going to be a proper way to show your gratitude. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a personal assistant or someone at work who makes your hard days better? Do you have loyal customers who come to you exclusively for their lash or other needs? All of these people play an important role in your life and business. They enrich you in one way or another so make sure you’re praising those that bless you.

In our society today it’s so easy to get caught up in our technology when it comes to communicating with others. Our schedules get so busy, and it’s just easier to send a text, email, or even just call someone especially when it comes to business. Well, I’m all about the personal touch of a written acknowledgment. I start by selecting a card design that fits my personality. I usually add my personal touch with a monogram. You can practically get them anywhere to fit any budget, and they are versatile enough for any occasion that requires thanks.  

Gratitude like that never goes out of style.  Show your clients, colleagues, friends, and family what they mean to you by taking the extra time to personalize your gratitude.

Shop my favorite Thank You cards at + D’Lashes Candles and Lash Boxes at 


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Throwback? or Comeback? ’80s Trend

D'Lashes Lash Extensions Lashes 80s Fashion Trend
  Throwback? or Comeback? + 80’s Style Must Haves

Inspo is in!  What should you be looking for this year? Comeback of 80’s beauty trends. From blush to blue eye shadow, the 80’s are back in a big way with a modern twist. CHANEL is especially killing it with major modern ’80s inspo!
Don’t forget your crown!

In true 80s fashion the bigger the hair, the better, but in 2017 we are focusing all our teasing efforts to the crown. The concept of volumizing only one focal point leaves the versatility of creating a sleek appearance or a more untamed looked while not compromising height. Grab your hairspray and reminisce about the “good old days,” but don’t get carried away!

No need to blush!

Or is there? Blush is making its way back this year, but let us not overdo it. Less is more especially when it comes to rouge. Pick shades that work with your skin tone and take into account the structure of your cheekbones and face shape when searching for tips on the best way to apply your blush. Keep in mind that monochromatic looks are back and treat yourself to that matching lipstick while you’re at it.

Flash Those Lashes & Color pop! 
Bright pops of color on the lids extending out to the temples have been making their way up and down the runways. Blue, green and purple shades along with metallic silver and gold are among some of the most popular shadow colors paired with black or colored liner in the eye’s waterline. Be sure that you use a two-brush method in the application of bold colored shadows, using one brush to apply and the other to blend. This helps us to control pigmentation and ensure that we do not over apply. Eyes are the window to your soul and what better way to bare your soul than framing it accordingly.  Big Lashes and Big Hair are in! So, Flash those Lashes and adorn your brightly colored eyes with D’Lashes!
1. CHANEL Makeup  2 Shades Ray-Ban  5 Chanel Bag + Ready-To-Wear  6 Zara Denim Jacket + Zara Earrings  7 ’80s Lash Inspo by Billy B Face Chart for L’oreal Paris  + Shop D’Lashes 


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Dionne’s 13 Second Rule!

Dionne Phillips Lash Extensions Lashes


Dionne’s 13 Second Rule! + Shop your lashes now

Ladies, have you ever passed a gorgeous pair of lashes by just because you don’t think you can apply them yourself? My heart goes out to you. Rest assured that every flawlessly lashed out beauty you see had to muster the courage at some point and just go for it. I will not leave you to wander lashless and hungry for the knowledge of application techniques. My 13 Second Rule, as well as a few essential tips and tricks, will have you lashing out in no time.


First, you will need to gather your supplies. Buy that set of lashes you can’t live without. You have earned it! Don’t forget your tweezers and lash curlers to ensure delicate handling and perfect placement of your lashes. Now, find yourself a mirror and an outfit and let’s get started.

1. Grab your perfect set of D’Lashes and remove them gently with your tweezers from their tray pulling from the end of the smaller lashes. 

2. Place your lashes up to the spine in your eyelash curler as if you were curling them.

3. Next, add a thin layer of adhesive to the spine and wait 13 seconds for your adhesive to get tacky. In this case, tacky is a good thing. Some glues can take 30-50 seconds to get tacky.

4. Once your adhesive is tacky, use your lash curlers to add them to your lash line and your tweezers to softly press down the spine of the lash right into the crease. Hold the spine in the crease for 10 seconds for optimum adherence.

It’s all about practice. It’s okay if you use a little too much glue the first few times. When removing make sure not just to pull the lash off, or you may end up pulling out your natural lashes with them. Use water or oil-free makeup remover on a q-tip and gently remove to save your real and faux lashes or to remove excess glue. Practice makes perfect!

D’Lashes has a plethora of faux lash options for beginners and pros. If you have a lash itch and you just can’t scratch it by yourself, we have you covered. Book your appointment today and stop making excuses for why you can’t lash out!
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Spring Beauty


Spring came early here in sunny Los Angeles. Trees and flowers are blooming everywhere!  Spring Beauty! This month we are kicking off Spring with a lot of exciting things happening. #1 D’Lashes monthly subscription boxes are here! #2 D’Lashes was on morning TV again lashing out beautiful clients. #3 Tony Robbins has a brand new book to get you to financial freedom called “Unshakeable.”

Click the links below to shop my favorites!

1: D’Lashes on TV + New Monthly Subscription Boxes. 2: New D’Lashes Lipsticks now available in-studio and online soon! 3: Gucci Spring floral bag 4: Gold chains from 5: The Look – Saint Laurent via 6: New Tony Robbins Book “Unshakeable” 7: New D’lashes eyeliners available in-studio and online soon! 8: Foundation with serum from Bobbi Brown 9: Miu Miu Parfum

March Goals = Focus + Gratitude!

Hollywood Survival Kit + What’s “in” This Year!

Have you ever wondered how every leading lady in Hollywood could pull off a seemingly flawless look at the drop of a hat? It isn’t because there is a makeup artist at every corner. It is, however, an unspoken survival kit that every woman should have. I will share with you the secret to the bare necessities that every woman should have on her at all times.
Three main focal points are consisting of your brows, eyes, and lips.

Let’s be honest, anyone checking you out closer than that better be sending you a paycheck. Fresh faces are coming back this year so tuck away your ultra coverage makeup and focus on things that enhance your naturally beautiful features.

1. Brows

Brows have been “on fleek” for a while now. A brown pen is an absolute must-have in your kit. Define your brows by lining them with sleek edges and filling in in any bald spots to give you beauty-full arches before moving on to your eyes.

2. Eyes
Our eyes come in many shapes, colors, and sizes and need enhancing according to these factors. Black eyeliner has always been a must-have. Black liner goes well with any eye color and helps to define the outer lines of the eyes, lids, and waterline. And don’t forget! Nothing goes better with a black liner than lashes! Lashes are a growing basic need for women in fashion today which is why D’Lashes has launched it’s very own “lash stash” subscription box. This way you can get several sets of lashes each month and for every occasion. Ladies love a good deal, so if you sign up for our emails, you can get 10% off your first “lash stash” box. 
Awesome deals on beauty are like gold. Speaking of gold, you will need a gold shadow crayon for your survival kit. Metallics are coming back by way of eye shadow and crayons are quick and mess free when you’re on the run.
3. Lips

How can we forget our lips? Red lips are classic, sexy, and have been very popular in the beauty industry for years. The variety of red hues in a lip color is endless. Blue toned reds, orange/rusty reds, and the pink reds are among the most popular, and I guarantee there is a red for everyone. 

Dress to impress, gather your Hollywood Survival Kit, and don’t be afraid to show a little lash! 


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Valentine’s Day Favorites

D'Lashes Lash Extensions Gifts Beauty Lashes

D'Lashes Lash Extensions Gifts Beauty Lashes

Organize your Beauty Life: New Year, New You + Valentine’s Day Favorites

Now that 2017 is here, why not poise yourself for success? Giving yourself an edge can be as easy as getting organized, and I’m here to help you make the most of the New Year. Here is a quick step-by-step rundown of how you can start off on the right foot.


Let’s be honest: when was the last time you gave your makeup brushes a good cleaning? Your face is beautiful, so treat it right with clean brushes! To start, run the bristles under warm water. Then, gently run them through a gentle brush soap or shampoo. Finish it off by running the bristles under water again to remove the suds, and let them air dry.


Sorry, ladies, but it might be time to say goodbye to your favorite mascara or eyeliner. Even if your eye makeup looks totally fine after a year or two, there’s a good chance that it has accumulated bacteria over time. Some of the ingredients might have also oxidized and degraded with age. As you purge, your old makeup, say hello to fresh products like my D’High Shine Lip Gloss to ease the pain of saying farewell.


New Year means a new look, and you can instantly give yourself a more glamorous appearance with my D’Lashes in 2017. We have everything from D’Wispy Lashes to D’Luscious Lashes to help you turn heads.

Remember, the goal is not only to look your best but feel your best, as you get organized and prepared to take on the remainder of 2017, rest assured that I’m ready to help you get to where you want to be.

Click on the links below to shop!

1: Estee Lauder Limited Edition Chinese New Year Advanced Night Repair.    2: D’Lashes Gift Card/ Gift Certificate.   3: YSL Love Bags   4: D’Lashes High Shine Lip Gloss + D’Lashes Individual Lashes   5: Georgia Louise Lift and Sculpt Rose Stone   6: Adidas Red Superstar Sneakers With Chenille Trim   7: Rosebud Salve Lips, Face, and Hands Balm   8: Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Parfume   9: D’Lashes A-List Extensions. Book your appointment here   10: YSL Volume Effect Mascara    11: Collagen Infused Lip Mask Exclusive At    12: Givenchy Satin Red Lipstick    13: Pressed Juicery Limited Edition Strawberry Almond Vanilla Juice   14. Gucci Original ’80s Print Shirt   15: D’Lashes Lux Candles


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How To Apply Faux Lashes

DLashes Lash Extensions Lashes Beauty How To

It’s love month! Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. Make your eyes extra beautiful with D’Lashes custom extensions and/or D’Lashes lash products. Book in advance because our appointments fill up fast especially closer to Valentine’s Day. You can book your appointment here. Check out my short “How To Apply Lashes” guide above with more tips coming soon! To shop D’Lashes products click here.

“Eyes are windows to the soul.”




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Dlashes beauty blog top lash extensions gifts

Dlashes beauty blog top lash extensions los angeles gifts



I can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful season with friends and family. The new year (2017!!) is also almost upon us, and it’s the perfect time for renewal and self-care. Celebrate the holiday season with new stunning lashes and these perfect gifts for friends & family! Click on the links below to shop.

1  D’Lashes Lash Gift Set – Best Sellers – Click Here To Shop.   2  Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Trio – Gift Set $39 – Click to Shop   3  Alexander Wang Bag – Click to Shop   4  Gucci Boots – Click to Shop   5  D’Lashes New 3D Luxury Lashes – Click to Shop   6  D’Lashes High Shine Lip Gloss – Click to Shop   7  Card Holders Prada + Michael KorsClick to Shop   8  Zara Choker – Click to Shop   9 Top Fashion Site – Click to Shop    10 D’Lashes Lash Extensions Gift Certificate – Click to Shop   11 D’Lashes Natural Individual Lashes – Yes! I want it – Click to Shop



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Do You Know How to Flaunt Your Gorgeous Eyes?

Dlashes lashes la lash extensions


If eyes are the windows to the soul, you’ll want to make sure yours are always sparkling.

That being said, a beautiful set of lashes can go a long way when it comes to glamorizing your peepers. Here are my dos and don’ts for brightening up your eyes and taking your look to the next level.


Up your lash game. With long, full lashes, you can instantly create a doe-eyed appearance that turns heads. My faux lashes are hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t irritate you once they’re in place. As a bonus, they may even increase the strength of your real lashes over time!

Go for a smoky eye look. The dark eyeshadow will complement your lashes, and you’ll instantly feel sexier for a night out on the town.


Forget about the health of your real lashes. Vitamins, like B6, C, and E, can all help you maintain the health of your lashes as you flaunt your faux ones. Specifically, B6 can help you avoid thinning and encourage lash growth.

Rely too heavily on your mascara. Luckily, your faux lashes will give you the bold look you desire without having to apply layers of mascara – but did you know that mascara may contain ingredients that can cause irritation and long-term health issues? Buyer beware!

Dlashes 3D Lashes

“The right lashes can make anyone feel like a star. I recently participated in the 2016 Day of Beauty for Cancer Fighters event, pampering cancer survivors with beautiful faux lashes of their own.” – Dionne

To learn more about enhancing your own peepers, visit the D’Lashes homepage today to see how I can help you make your lash dreams come true!


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My Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Picks

Dionne-Phillips-D'LASHES Fashion Beauty LashesDionne-Phillips-DLASHES-Lashes-Beauty-Lash Extenshions2Welcome to my monthly “Dionne Loves” Blog! I am giving my top fashion + beauty picks, as well as tips and tricks from influencers all over the world.

ABOUT: DIONNE PHILLIPS is The Pioneer of Eyelash Extensions Globally & To The Hollywood’S A-List!

Look of the season is ‘70S REVIVAL.

1: D’Wispy D’Lashes. Click to “SHOP”   2: Current favorite bag CHLOE. Click to “SHOP”  3: Zara ’70s Revival look. Click to “SHOP”  4: Stuart Weitzman Boots + Chloe Boots Click to “SHOP”  5: “Lash Out’ D’Lashes Gift Set Click to “SHOP”  6: Violet Grey Lip + Nail Gift Sets Click to “SHOP”  7: YSL Eyeliner Click to “SHOP”  8: Dior Lip Glow is the best! Click to “SHOP”  9: D’Lashes Scented LUX Candle Click to “SHOP”  10: New YSL Perfume Click to “SHOP”

Check back for more monthly posts on everything Eyelashes + Fashion + Beauty + Tips & Tricks!




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