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Happy LOVE month! I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s all month long… as well as all 2018! This year we need to celebrate LOVE every month. We also need to take time to take care of ourselves and spend more time with the people we love most. It’s also a special time to celebrate the relationship we have with our girlfriends. And let’s face it! There is no tribe quite like the one I have my lashettes. The love and continues support I have from all of you means the world to me. We all know that beauty comes from within, but a little frosting on the cake is always fun! Here is what I am giving my closest friends this Galentine’s day. Shop links here and below: 1 D’Lashes A-List Lash Extensions. Book appointments here. 2 Sporty Chic Look from FWRD.COM. In 2018 it’s all about adding chic sportswear to your everyday look. 3 YSL New Wallet. Click to shop. 4 D’ Lashes New Lipstick is here! Click here to shop. Various Custom Keytags with different colors and wording. Click to shop. 6 D’Lashes Gift Cards. Click here to shop. 8 Bond No. 9 Perfume. Click here to shop.  9 Silk Lip Print Pillowcase. Click to shop.
Let’s face it the Winter weather is rough on everyone’s lips. That is why lip gloss is the perfect gift for everyone. Let me tell you. I have lip gloss everywhere, but I am always misplacing it or can’t get my hands on it when I really need it. So let’s be honest. A woman can never have too many lip glosses. 
This kit includes everything a lady needs to rock the lashes. Each kits includes three sets of lashes, tweezers, adhesive, and cosmetics bag. The lashes included in this kit will be great for day or night wear. Our lashes are reusable for up to 6 applications. 
The white tea candle is the perfect gift for the busy woman. Our candles burn clean and truly reminds me of Los Angeles. This candle is pure bliss with all of the fine perfumes and essential oils inside. 
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D'Lashes YouTube Lash Extensions La


Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! More vlog and videos coming soon. See you there! Click here to SUBSCRIBE.
Did you hear that D’lashes has expanded our beauty line even further?! D’Lashes is now selling eyeshadow! D’Cream Eyeshadow is a creamy, long-wearing shadow. This eyeshadow applies with ease and dries to a demi-matte finish. Our eyeshadow is a buildable coverage formula. You can apply a thin for a natural look or built up to pump up the drama for a night time look. This cream shadow is cake & crease resistant! Every lashette needs some “frosting” to go with her lashes.
Our eyeshadow comes in a dozen different colors. We carry great everyday neutrals all the way to poppin’ pinks. No matter which color you choose, you are sure to look fabulash. 
I use our D’Little Black Book eyeshadow for is great for creating a smokey eye, but can also be used as an eyeliner. This cream is the best for drawing on a beautiful thick cat eye.
D’Birthday Suit is great as a highlight under your eyebrows, a nude eye, but can also be used as a concealer. You can put it on over a blemish or wear it under your eyes to hide the lack of sleep you had the night before. 
D'Lashes Cream Eyeshadow
D’Pinky Promise is great as an eyeshadow or even as a blush. Rub D’Pinky right on your cheeks to give you a little color. 
D’Mud Pie is wonderful for contouring, filling in your eyebrows, or smokey eyes. The cream formula is great for blending and allows me to contour with perfection. 
These four colors are a must-have for any of my lashette’s makeup bag. They have dual purposes and are lifesavers for me. Sometimes I need to touch up on the go and I hate having to lug my huge makeup case around with me. Head over to the website to get my go-to eyeshadows. Click here to SHOP! 😉
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D'Lashes Wellness Health Beauty Blog



Let’s get physical in 2018! Studies show that working out just 15-20 minutes per day can boost positive mood and help keep you healthy. Here are my favorites to help get the heart pumping, and for that extra motivation to hit the gym. Let’s Go!


I’m loving the all black gym gear especially when paired with these cool yet comfortable Nike shoes called Lunar Force 1 Waterproof Duckboot. To purchase click here.


Give your workout that extra kick with these kettlebells! If you have no time for the gym I recommend investing in a great set of kettlebells like these from Amazon. Click here to purchase.

“I love to exercise first thing in the morning so that I’m able to focus and feel strong all day. If I can’t make it to the gym I try to stay active, as well as do a few squats here and there. We tend to sit most of the day looking at a computer and our phones, which can be harmful to our health if we don’t take regular breaks. Schedule some time away from work, technology, and socials media by going for a walk, or even daydreaming about something that makes you happy or that you’re excited about……without looking at your phone. ” Dionne Phillips – D’LASHES


Nothing gets me more excited for a workout, than new workout clothes. I’m loving the new Ivy Park collection for flattering modern basics. Click here to purchase.


The book I’m reading is “How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease.” New York Times Bestseller “This book may help those who are susceptible to illnesses that can be prevented.” – ?His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Click here to purchase. 


I always try my best to look fabulash no matter where I go. Who knows who you may run into?! One great thing about lash extensions is that they can be worn for a workout or swim, and your extensions are still going to look lashtastic. You don’t have to worry about your mascara running when you get sweaty anymore. Lashes are seriously a game changer for working out. To schedule a D’Lashes lash extensions appointment click here.


When motivation gets low, push yourself to go to a gym that you like. You can look at it as your escape. When you’re around people that are exercising, that just might help motivate you to do the same!



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New D'Lashes New Year 2018 Beauty 

New Year, New Lashes, New You!

Lashettes, are you ready to kill it in the new year!? I know I am! There is no better way to start off the new year, than taking this opportunity to focus on yourself. The great thing about January is that it is a new beginning for everyone. The new year is the perfect time to try some new like lash extensions and really lash out. This year I’m making a resolution to be the healthiest I can be. I want to improve my mind, body, and soul in 2018. Below are a few things that are going to get me through the new year and help me to start 2018 off right.

D’Lashes NEW Cream Eyeshadow!

My new creamy eyeshadows come in over 10 different colors. Creamy, long-wearing shadow applies with ease and dries down to a smooth, demi-matte finish. Its a Buildable coverage formula that may be applied sheer for a natural look or built up for extra drama. Looking for increased intensity, apply a complementary shadow shade on top to maximize the effect. Know that this Formula of cream shadow is cake & crease resistant. Click here to purchase.

D’Lashes Candles

This new year I am working to lessen my stress. I am going to start scheduling in “me” time each evening to ensure I slow down and pamper myself. I never seem to get anything done if it isn’t scheduled into my calendar. I love taking a hot bath, clearing my mind, and unwinding with my D’Lashes White Tea Candle. This year I am making sure I have time to do just that! Click here to shop candles.

D’Lashes A-List Extensions

Start the New Year by pampering yourself with an eyelash extensions appointment with D’Lashes! You don’t need mascara when you have D’Lashes extensions, and that saves your so much time! Your grocery and gym runs are now hassle-free without having to worry about putting on makeup. You will naturally look stunning with just your lashes. Lash game strong! Book appointments here.

D’Lashes New Lipstick And Box Sets 

Get your lashes delivered to your doorstep as well as my new lipsticks. Start 2018 with a focus on yourself from the inside out. Click here to shop D’Lashes products. 

Just remember that 2018 is a blank page. So, write your own story this year. Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder and get those lashes poppin’ in 2018.




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DLashes Holiday Gifts Beauty Blog 



Lashettes! The holidays are quickly approaching, do you have all of the tools to keep you looking fabulash all season long? I highly suggest you keep a survival kit with you at all times. You never know what may come up, and you never want to be caught not looking your best! The holiday season is always so busy and we are running from party to party. These are just a few of my favorite tools to keep me looking fresh. Also, my D’Lashes holiday gifts are ready to ship to make your holidays even more beautiful.


Did you know lash extension save you time and you seriously just wake up looking lashtastic?!? Treat your self this holiday season and give lash extensions a try. Trust me after one set, you are sure to be hooked! Already a fan of lashes, why not give the gift of lashes? Lashes are the perfect gift for all of your girlfriends. Many ladies are terrible about not taking time for themselves, but with the gift of lashes they will be forced to sit back in my chair for a relaxing sesh!


With a great set of lashes, and a perfect pout there is nothing a woman can’t do. Confidence is the key to turning heads. D’lashes lipstick comes in wide variety of colors to meet every woman’s needs. D’lashes offers matte and cream lipsticks. My lipsticks were created to make sure that your lips stay kissable. The vitamin e and other lush oils protect those lips through the Winter.


Nothing makes your eyes pop more than amazing lashes and perfectly drawn on eyeliner! Nothing takes a look from day to night quite like a cat eye does. D’lashes offers 3 different liners to meet your needs. If you are looking to try a cat eye, purchase our D’Felt tip liner. The felt tip allows your to draw on your liner with the utmost precision. D’Waterline is great for along the lower inner rim. D’Waterline is smudge-proof to allow for hours of wear. D’Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner is perfect for everyday use. I keep one with me at all times. You never know when you may need a touch up!

With your lips and lashes on point, you are sure to survive this busy holiday season looking lashtastic! Head over to D’Lashes website, to get everything you need to fill your bag and help you lash out this holiday season. And remember ladies, don’t be afraid to show a little lash.



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Holiday Gifts DLashes Fashion Blog




Happy Holidays from D’Lashes! My monthly holiday gift list is here and these are all my favorites! I will also post 1-2 more gift guide blog posts so keep checking back!

1 The look of the season is metallic red and black. I love these slogan sweaters so much. This look is from FWRD.COM Alberta Ferretti Black Saturday sweater. If sold out you can also get a similar one here.

2 Manolo Blahnik Black shoes. Click blue link/here to shop.

3 Gucci Belt Bag. Click blue link/here to shop.

4 Shop D’Lashes beauty for the perfect holiday gifts! Cream and Matte Lipsticks and Lashes! Click blue link/here to shop.

5 Gucci Bloom Perfume. Click blue link/here to shop.

6 ’90S Vibes Earrings by Christie Nicolaides from FWRD.COM or similar cross earrings that I love on Amazon – Click Here and Here

7 Give the gift of lashes! D’Lashes has individual lashes and the famous lash extensions gift certificates. Click blue link/here to shop.

8 New D’Lashes lipliner will be available on DLASHES.COM soon! Stay tuned!




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D'Lashes Lash ExtensionGET LASH REWARDS!

HOT NEWS! My Holiday Gift Guide will be up soon (November) on my blog!

Follow my Instagram + Insta Stories to get a notification when my new blog posts are up. Click the Instagram icon below and hit the “Follow” tab! 

Did you know D’Lashes has an app?! My app is filled with all kinds of amazing lash magic. Everything D’Lashes all in one place. The app is available on Apple and Android devices. Download the app today from iTunes and Google play. You can book appointments, get gift cards, get rewards, check out my new blog posts, get directions, news, shop, follow my social media, and so much more! Below are a few things you will find on my app. 

All the D’Lashes lash styles are on the app, as well as the FAQ section. The app is also linked to my social media accounts. So, you are able to connect & keep up with me and all the D’Lashes news. My app has many D’Lash inspo pics and a lash cam so that I can replicate a style that you like. If you’re new to lashes or want to try lash extensions, this will be an awesome place for you to figure out all the in’s and out’s of extensions. I’m here to help! 

D'Lashes Lash ExtensionAPPOINTMENTS
This section of the app will allow you to book an appointment to get your lashes done by me. First, you will put all of your information in, which can be saved for future use. Then, you will pick the perfect time and which services you want. See you soon for your appointment! Don’t forget to book holiday appointments early….they fill up fast especially in November, December, and January!

In the contact me section you can see salon hours and click on the map for driving directions. You will also be able to email any questions or call the salon right from the app. How easy is that?



There is also a link that goes directly to the D’Lashes website to purchase all the lash & beauty products to keep you looking fabulash. Check out my new stunning matte and cream lipsticks, as well as my eyeliner collection. My new lipsticks come in a wide variety of colors from popular on trend nudes, perfect pinks to rich reds. 


Book appointments on the app to get rewarded with fab lash extensions discounts! Download the app to redeem 20% off your first order. Collect 5 stamps to get 20% off your 5th visit = Hello to stunning lashes all year long.

Head over to the app store today to download the D’Lashes app to start getting reward points!






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DLashes Fall Beauty Blog Matte Lipstick 


Fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to change up and play around with Fall beauty looks. Fall and Winter season calls for a little bit of a more full-coverage foundation, and this beauty vlogger approved Dermacol foundation is selling like hot cakes. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

My D’Lashes lipstick in matte and cream is here! So excited! There are so many colors to choose from and I can’t wait for you to try them all. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

The new D’Lashes browblender is also now available online. On point groomed brows are always in fashion. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

My new must-have eyeshadow is this stunning palette from Bobbi Brown in Caviar and Rubies. Also, makes a perfect holiday gift! It’s to die for. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

Fall also calls for a change of fragrance to something more sensual and romantic. This Versace Crystal Noir parfum is perfect. This one will also make it into my ultimate gift guide list. CLICK HERE TO SHOP!


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Dlashes lipstick



Dlashes nude lipstick beauty blog



The brand new lux D’Lashes lipsticks are here. I rounded up my favorite colors available in matte and cream that are perfect for Fall and Winder holidays. I recommend the D’Naughty Nude (Cream): True nude with a neutral undertone and the OMG Orange (Cream): True orange with a warm, coral base to start with.


CLICK TO SHOP – D’ULTRA MATTE LIPSTICK: You want Luxurious, creamy lipstick with a modern matte finish? Well, this Matte Lipstick Delivers saturated color, intense hydration, and extended wear, for soft, smooth, beautiful lips. Just enough “Pop” to go with your D’Lashes!

CLICK TO SHOP – D’CREAM  LIPSTICK: Opulent, creamy, intensely-pigmented formula bathes lips with moisture. Glides over lips with powerful and enduring pigments and a blend of moisture-rich oils, butters and waxes to help lips remain supple, comfortable and soft. Antioxidant Vitamin E helps keeps lips protected, conditioned and hydrated throughout the day.


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D'Lashes Fall Fashion Lash Extensions Blog



Happy Fall Fashion September! I don’t know about you but I’m super excited for this season to start, as well as the New York Fashion Week! This Fall-Winter it’s all about velvet, gold, statement, and drama with a nice mix of ’70s + ’80s + ’90s style! Top Fall colors – caramel, mustard, chocolate, tan, and burnt yellow. Just think ’70 GLAM. Top website for fashion and inspo is FWRD.COM – Forward by Elyse Walker. Hit the links below to shop. 1’70 Velvet Glam Look from 2 Chocolate Shoes from 3 Statement Earrings from 4 The Glam Jeans Look from FWRD.COM 5 Accessories Sungless from & Gold Star Necklace from 6 My favorite bag for days at the office GUCCI Sylvie bag in Small (click here to shop small) and Large (Click here to shop large) . 7 D’Lashes Lip Gloss Click here to shop. 8 Satin Heels with Bow from Zara


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