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Happy Fall Fashion September! I don’t know about you but I’m super excited for this season to start, as well as the New York Fashion Week! This Fall-Winter it’s all about velvet, gold, statement, and drama with a nice mix of ’70s + ’80s + ’90s style! Top Fall colors – caramel, mustard, chocolate, tan, and burnt yellow. Just think ’70 GLAM. Top website for fashion and inspo is FWRD.COM – Forward by Elyse Walker. Hit the links below to shop. 1’70 Velvet Glam Look from 2 Chocolate Shoes from 3 Statement Earrings from 4 The Glam Jeans Look from FWRD.COM 5 Accessories Sungless from & Gold Star Necklace from 6 My favorite bag for days at the office GUCCI Sylvie bag in Small (click here to shop small) and Large (Click here to shop large) . 7 D’Lashes Lip Gloss Click here to shop. 8 Satin Heels with Bow from Zara


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D'Lashes Beauty Blog Gucci Bag


When I have to quickly run out the door these are my bag essentials that I always grab and never leave behind. I will post a full “What’s in My Bag” very soon, but these are my I need to get out of the house fast essentials. Click the links below to shop. Also, stay tuned for my Fall favorites blog post! 1 I can’t leave the house without my D’Lashes business card! You never know who you will meet or run into and smart networking is super important. You must have a beautiful memorable business card. Pro Tip: Design a business card that has your profile picture and all your social media icons so that way when people look at your business card later they will remember you. You can order these square business cards from 2 D’Lashes Color Gloss from DLASHES.COM 3 My rhinestone cash and credit card holder 4 Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 5 D’Lashes Lashes available to purchase here DLASHES.COM 6 D’Lashes Smooth Eyeliner as well as the D’Lashes Red Orange Lipstick (Lipstick can be purchased in-studio and will also be available online soon!) for Fall. 7 My Tom Ford Reading Glasses 8 Lancome Ultra Wear Foundation Stick for touch ups. 9 My favorite bag for days at the office GUCCI Sylvie bag in Small (click here to shop small) and Large (Click here to shop large) .


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Beat the Summer Frenzy!

Lashes D'Lashes Beauty Blog


Get Organized + Dionne’s Fav’s

Summer is always a super busy time of year for me and being so busy means it is extra important for me to rely on my comforts and stay organized!  I wanna share with all of my Lashesttes how I stay in tuned to me and still slay every day! 

First off staying organized is key. You need to calm the chaos storm a bit to stay functional. Haven Home is a boutique organization business here in L.A. that has helped me to do just that. They made the whole process super easy for me and have left me organized and feeling empowered.Every day brings something new to the table and whether I am working hard in the salon donning the world with lashes or appearing at events around town I stick to a few favorites to keep me grounded. Click here to check out their site and book an appointment!

Wireless Light Bulb:

This is something that is a must! this brings fabulous ambiance to any setting. I use this in the studio for great lash spa music and to change soft colors. Book your appointment to experience the wonderful ambiance here at D’Lashes and get your own set of lash extensions! Click here to purchase wireless bulb from Amazon.

Summer Makeup

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is a lifesaver for outdoor events during the hot Summer. No one wants to wear thick foundation when it is 100 degrees outside. I seriously don’t know what I would do without my tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer and D’Luscious Lashes are an easy way for me to look fabulash without having to spend forever in front of the mirror. 

Trust your Solé Mates!

Traveling from events to dinners with summer in full swing means a lot of outdoor time. Being outdoors does not mean you still can’t look your best. Solé Mates is a girl’s best friend for outdoor events and they are perfect for every occasion. Solé Mates keep your heels from sinking into the ground and help you from tumbling over on cobble stone! There is seriously nothing worse than walking around in your fabulous shoes with MUD on the heel. 

Nights Out!

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice night out once in a while? My new favorite hotspot is Tao LA. What a wonderful place for you to showcase your D’Lashes  and new Gucci attire while enjoying the subterranean experience they offer. From dinner to cocktails you can’t lose with Tao!

Relax and Unwind

After work and a nice dinner at one of my favorite hotspots. Nothing helps me unwind like a nice bath and my D’Lashes Candle. The White Tea fragrance is truly relaxing. You will love the soft fragrance filling your home or bath. 

Summer seems to get shorter every year. Enjoying it’s short lived frenzy can make you frantic. Remember to slow down and take some “you” time. Get organized and share my favorites or find your own. Never get so busy that you forget to take time for yourself to relax and remember my Lashettes…. Stay Fabulash!



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Beauty D'Lashes Lashes Makeup

Shop D'Lashes Beauty


D’Lashes Beauty is Here!

It’s still Summer but Fall is already around the corner. It feels like time can fly by so fast, and this is why I like to simplify my beauty routine as well as the makeup I use. I made D’Lashes beauty products for all seasons. Classic red, nude, and pink lips never go out of style. You can also never go wrong with a beautiful black eyeliner and classic lashes. This is why all my beauty products embody true elegance. Click here to shop


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Dionne’s Summer Survival Kit!

Dlashes Summer Beauty Blog Lashes Lash Extensions


Summer Survival Kit + 2017 Fashion Refresh

Summer is just around the corner. Do you have your Summer survival kit ready?! Don’t worry lashettes, we have everything you need to survive the summer in style. Summer is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe, try a new hairstyle, and refill your makeup bag. Don’t be afraid to lash out!

Wardrobe Refresh

Everyone’s Summer wardrobe is filled with beautiful floral prints, flowing dresses, and a fun romper; but if you want to stand out this summer, you need to refresh your closet with some rad 80’s wear and hippy chic. A denim jacket is a staple piece for every woman’s closet and pairs perfectly with an 80’s look or strappy dress. Acid wash shirts worn with pegged ripped jeans create a totally wicked 80’s outfit. Maxi dresses, bell sleeves, and a fringe vest will help create a fab hippy look. No matter which style you choose to try you is going to stand out.

Hairstyle Restyle!

When Summer comes everyone throws some highlights in their hair and perfects those beautiful beach waves, but Summer is the perfect time to try a new hairstyle. Why not try a headful of micro braids?! Or why not go straight 1960’s hippy with an afro?! You don’t see many women rocking those hairstyles and it will definitely help you stand from the crowd. Hair is the perfect way to experiment with a new look, but not having any long term commitments. 

Makeup Bag Must-Haves

SPF tinted moisturizer is a must have for every Summer survival kit. There is no better way to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays while providing a fresh, dewy look. D’High Shine Lip Gloss smooths and protects your lips from the harsh Summer heat. Super D’Nude Lip Gloss is a perfect compliment to a natural look. Peach and pink eye shadow worn with D’Wispy lashes will complete your daytime look. Take your look from day to night with a bold lip and rainbow powder highlighter. Rainbow powder highlighter can be used as a highlighter and an eyeshadow. If you swirl the powder together on your eyelid, it will create a silver, gray color perfect for a nighttime look. Super D’Copper Lip Gloss and Flashy Lashes will help you stand out while you are out on the town. 

Why not try something new this Summer? Gather your Summer Survival Kit, and don’t be afraid to show a little lash!  

Click on the product names to shop my Summer favorites! 1 Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 2 D’Lashes Extensions By Appointment 3 Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrows Gel 4 D’Lashes Individual Lashes 5 Laura Mercier Brightening Powder 6 D’Lashes Gloss 7 Louis Vuitton Phone Case 8 Laura Mercier Bronzer


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All About Extensions!

D'Lashes LA Lash Extensions Care Lashes

 The Perfect Lashes + Lash Knowledge

Life may not be perfect, but your lashes can be. You may have heard some of your friends talking about getting lash extensions and now you are curious what the buzz is all about. Today I have all your lash questions answered. Check me out on The Kitchy Kitchens The Beauty Parlor discussing lash knowledge and some quick tips to help you get the perfect lashes.

All About Extensions

Lash extensions are individual silk fibers attached to a single eyelash. Lash extensions are not attached to your eyelid and are not painful. After a while, you will forget even have them on. You can do anything in your lash extensions including swimming, exercising, and showers. Lash extensions come in various size, colors, and lengths. A combination of various lash extensions are what help to create a natural look. If lash extensions are done right, they will open up the eye and give you a beautiful, natural pop. However, if too many lash extensions are applied they don’t let the light through and your eyes won’t sparkle; leaving your eyes looking heavy. 

The Nature of Lashes

Your eyelashes naturally fall out and so will your extensions. Lash extensions do not make your natural lashes fall out. Lashes grow at different rates; sometimes you may get an extension on an older lash and it may fall out shortly after application. It is okay! This is why we recommend getting a fill in every 2-3 weeks. Lash extensions attach to real eyelashes making it look like more are falling out than actually are. Lashes have a natural life cycle and you are growing new lashes all the time in order to keep your eyes protected. So, don’t worry about losing a few. 

Dionne’s Lash Tips

Lash care is very simple. We never pull, rub, or tug our lashes! Do it cute! Gently take a q-tip around the eye or let the running water in the shower cleanse your lashes. A warm shower will also help those lashes bounce back to life. A finger, q-tip, micro-swab, or tweezers are great tools that will help you get the perfect lash placement.

Beverly Hills Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are so convenient and save you time. They are the perfect thing for every busy woman. When you have eyelash extensions you don’t have to worry about makeup in the morning. You will just wake up looking fabulash. Are you ready to lash out?! 



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D'Lashes Father's Day Gift Ideas Lashes Men Gifts



D’Lashes Favorites for Father’s Day + Gifts For Men
We are celebrating all the amazing men out there! Here at D’Lashes we offer lash extensions for women as well as men. We have so many men clients who want thicker fuller lashes, and here at D’Lashes we provide natural looking lashes based specifically on the client needs. To book your lash appointment click here DLASHES.COM 

Here are my top favorite gift ideas for all the fabulous men in your life. 1 Alexa from  2 Lash Extension for Men from DLASHES.COM 3 Spicebomb from Viktor & Rolf 4 The New Echo Show from 5 Classic Vans Sneakers 6 Prada Fragrance for Men  7 New Kiehl’s Age Defender Moisturizer for Men 


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D'Lashes How To Clean Faux Lashes Beauty Blog


Dionne’s Tips on Cleaning + Upkeep on your Faux Lashes

Loving your lashes is your right ladies, and they are just like any other item you love to wear. They require maintenance and upkeep to stay looking their best. I’m here to give you advice on how to get more than 3-4 uses out of the beautiful lashes you love. 


  1. Keep your real lashes in mind and think delicate when removing your faux lashes! Use the pads of your thumb and forefinger to pull from the outside inward gently. If you prefer individual cluster lashes, you’ll remove one cluster at a time instead of trying to remove them all at once. By using the pads of your fingers, you avoid damaging the lashes or crimping them rendering them useless. No faster way to destroy your day than ruining your beloved D’Wispy lashes while removing them! 
  2. To maintain your lashes for future lash-tastic looks, cleanliness is next to goddessness! Start by removing the glue. Hold your lashes firmly with the pads of your fingers and use the other hand to peel until you see the band again gently. After removing the glue, use an oil-free makeup remover and q-tips to clean the excess makeup from your lashes starting from the band to the tip of the lashes. Let them air dry before storing them. Fresh faces are best complimented by clean lashes. 
  3. Now, I’m going to tell you about how to keep your Lash Stash safe. While you may love the summer sun, your recently cleaned lashes do not. The sun can cause their color to fade or warp the lash bands. You want them to keep their shape so they should be placed back in the moon shaped tray they came from, or you can also buy lash storage cases online. If you buy online, get the hard cases for extra protection and easier travel ensuring that you can Lash Out on your next vacation or business trip. 

D’Lashes has a variety of luxurious faux lashes just waiting to become a permanent part of your collection or you can sign up for the Lash Stash subscription box and receive gorgeous sets of lashes each month to continuously replenish your very own “Lash Stash”!  and don’t forget if faux lashes and upkeep are too much of a hassle I’m always here to make you look fabulash with lash extensions! Book your appointment today!

To shop for products above click on the following links.  1 My favorite makeup wipes with organic coconut oil from RMS Makeup Wipes. 2 Chantecaille Rose Makeup Remover 3 Bobbi Brown Makeup Set


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D'lashes Vitamins Healthy Lashes Beauty Blog


Vitamins For Healthy Lashes

Every woman out there wants to know how to make their lashes longer, healthier, or just fuller without having to wear falsies or to enhance their eyes when they do wear lashes for those extra special occasions. I’m going to give you the secret to good lashes the natural way.  

Vitamins B-3, also known as Niacin, is a basic need (Click to Purchase)

Eating salmon or tilapia with asparagus and mushrooms isn’t just healthy for that body image you’re maintaining, but all those foods, yes all of them, are great vitamin b-3 sources. Who knew healthier lashes were as simple as treating yourself to dinner? Ladies this will help you with those brittle lashes or if you have lashes that tend to fall out it promotes essential growth. To purchase Pure Alaska Salmon Fish Oil click here.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant for infection control (Click to Purchase)

This will boost your immune system and protect your hair follicles from inflammation, toxins, and infections that are inhibiting your hair growth.  It hydrates your lashes as well consider it a lash moisturizer. Think acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruit, pineapples, and cranberries, when considering supplement alternatives. 

Vitamin H, also known as Biotin, will give you the thickness you desire (Click to Purchase)

Now, I won’t get carried away and make you think they’ll end up as thick and beautiful as a pair of D’Luscious lashes, but it will work small wonders. This little miracle vitamin does it all. It promotes growth, prevents brittleness and lash fall outs, and it not only improves the condition of your lashes but your eyes too! It’s as simple to consume as eating a breakfast of eggs, banana, and toast or bagel with nut butter. 

If you are not seeing the results in the time frame you were hoping, you have a big event coming up, or you just want to feel beautiful, D’Lashes has a full selection of eyelashes and kits or you could book an appointment for your lashes extensions today! 



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 DLashes Thank You Card Lash Extensions Lashes Los Angeles



“The Art Of Thank you” Card + Gratitude 

Did your mother-in-law just buy you that new pair of pumps you have had your heart set on?  Did your best friends just book a flight and a hotel to be a part of your wedding? Has someone ordered you a subscription to D’Lashes Lash Stash Box? Surely you know that a text isn’t going to be a proper way to show your gratitude. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a personal assistant or someone at work who makes your hard days better? Do you have loyal customers who come to you exclusively for their lash or other needs? All of these people play an important role in your life and business. They enrich you in one way or another so make sure you’re praising those that bless you. Click to Purchase Sugar Paper cards.

In our society today it’s so easy to get caught up in our technology when it comes to communicating with others. Our schedules get so busy, and it’s just easier to send a text, email, or even just call someone especially when it comes to business. Well, I’m all about the personal touch of a written acknowledgment. I start by selecting a card design that fits my personality. I usually add my personal touch with a monogram. You can practically get them anywhere to fit any budget, and they are versatile enough for any occasion that requires thanks.  

Gratitude like that never goes out of style.  Show your clients, colleagues, friends, and family what they mean to you by taking the extra time to personalize your gratitude.

Shop my favorite Thank You cards at + D’Lashes Candles and Lash Boxes at 


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